Casual Popup Fine Dining Chapter 2 Reinventing – L’Societe Dine & Bar

Casual Popup Fine Dining Chapter 2 Reinventing – L’Societe Dine & Bar


In the Course of our daily life from the smallest simple things until any of big and complex. From the beginning we were born from the mother womb ’till we work and create. We will not be able to escape from things like copy and reproduce, because the essence of life we just doing a repetition from where been well establish to absorbed and reprocessed by the human sense then reproduce into something novelty from which have been establish before.
So then @hakimgastrodiology came up with kind of that big idea to set our and compose theme of Popup Fine Dining Chapter Two at L’Societe Dine & Bar @lsociete.dinebar , with the term modest of definition into Reinventing or Reconstruct that which will bring new value of meaning, flavors, and experiences then within collaboration with classical music instrument it will more strongly build a festive ambiance at very our special dining.


Casual Pop-up Fine Dining Chapter 2 Reinventing with Chef Hakim “Gastrodiology” Lukman is one event that is greatly welcomed. Our first Casual Pop-up Fine Dining experience in Myloc Coffee & Bistro Bandung is very memorable for us. ? So when there is a media partner offer of Mr. Reka – Hakim Gastrodiology team, without a doubt we immediately agreed.





This second chapter takes place in L’Societe Dine & Bar, Bandung – Indonesia. Ambiance of this restaurant is very supportive for its fine dining concept, and with the open kitchen we could directly see the creative Chef Lukman Hakim preparing various dishes for the attending guests.

Each table is handled by one waiter who deliver and prepare a variety of dishes that are served. The impression captured from Pop Up Casual Fine Dining Chapter 2 is more classy than the previous event that feels really casual-nuanced. ? But we love it!





The setup table this time is as simple as before, only for me it feels pretty empty, maybe if there’s another element like white flower from before, it would be sweeter ? Besides a welcome card, there is a booklet containing this time fine dining concept and the menu set that will presented by Chef Hakim Gastrodiology.


Before we get down to the menu tonight, we are presented with some small bites such as bread roll with butter and cheese fried cassava which were quite tasty and unique.

And the event is just about to start.




Chef Lukman Hakim opens the event by explaining about the concept Popup Casual Fine Dining Chapter 2: Reinventing. In short, our life begins from things that are very small and simple to achieve things that are large and complex. And our daily lives are often run as a regular routine. But human life is never able to escape from things like copy and reproduce.
So based on this realization, Chef Hakim and team finally raised the idea to choose “Reinventing” as a theme for this Popup Fine Dining where they reinvent their established menus with new added flavors or appearance.
And they would like to invite their guests to rediscover the value of the taste and experience of enjoying a meal, which is also supported by the Classical Music Instrument resulting a special dining atmosphere.

For this night we are again accompanied by Mas Lutfi Farabi and friend who played various beautiful songs with their guitar ?
But sadly we were a little lost the feel of the first chapter in which there is a blend of flute and guitar which was very soothing and a new experience for us ? But they said, the music in the next chapter will be more sensational. 😛

Well, it’s time to go into the menus of the fine dining.

Vanilla Infused Salmon Confit
(Tamarind Chutney, Asian Salad, Baby Green Peas)







I really like this one. ? The plating is pretty, it’s placed on a piece of pine tree branch. To eat it, Salmon Confit is poured and mixed into the salad. Then it was sprayed by Bonjour Sauce, which contains Tamarind Chutney. Tamarind Chutney itself is a tamarind pasta. The sliced salmon is thick and I barely believe I could find a salmon with this kind of taste and condition in Bandung. The salmon skin with a crunchy texture that placed there is also a pleasant surprise, topped by white popping bubbles that produces sweet sour taste.

Potato Risotto with Butter-Poached Prawn
(Creamy Potato, Green Chili Coulis, Butter Poached Prawn)




Because Kathia has a seafood allergy, especially shrimp and crab, she then requested a replacement material. Voila, the shrimp is replaced by Tuna which makes me really “mupeng” >.<!

But well, this Butter Poached Prawn was very special. Even though the size was not too large, the shrimp was fresh.
And the risotto was also unique. Instead of using arbonia rice, they used potato to make it feels “warmer”. The risotto was creamy and other ingredients are blended together. Again we experience new taste ?

The Tuna is so soft, and the cut is our favorites, hehe.

Smoked Chicken Breast and Sweet Corn
(Smokey Chicken Breast, Popcorn Mousse, Truffle Cappuccino Foam)



For next dish, we have smoked cubical sliced chicken breast, and this is really soft ? Plating was quite good, taste is predominantly sweet. The foam is a truffle foam, and the sauce is a popcorn mousse, yep popcorn, not corn, in which made it special since it’s from popcorn that was made into mousse. And there’s also a taste of ubi cilembu which made into pasta (the yellow cream on the plate).

And here comes the main course:

Cubed Australian Wagyu Beef
(Fondant Potato, Rendang Ragout, Coconut Foam)



One combination of outstanding dishes from Chef Lukman Hakim, Australian Wagyu Beef is given a touch of Indonesia with the addition of chopped beef Rendang and mix with coconut foam. Hmmm … one mouthgasm I most enjoy. ?

French Toast Roll
(Ovomaltine, Vanilla Ice Cream, Cinnamon Sugar)



Tadaa! It’s time for dessert, one of a favorite menu which we have waited. To enjoy the last dish is quite unique, each table was given a baked cinnamon placed in a bottle. Cinnamon aroma is strong enough to accompany us in tasting our super dupper nyummy dessert tonight! Chef Hakim’s desserts are typically simple but memorable, and so did this one. It felt light hearted and fun. The one drawback is the lack of french toast stacks, haha. I think three stacks would be satisfying. XD


Once again, it was an honor for us, TheFoodXplorer, to be involved in this time Popup Casual Fine Dining with other media friends ?

Outstanding meals from Chef Hakim “Gastrodiology” Lukman, good service from the waiters as well as the Chef Assistants, charming ambiance of L’Societe Dine & Bar, had made an unforgettable experience in enjoying the fresh taste of dining.
Well, I personally miss the Pan Seared Duck Breast – consomme & Edamame from the previous chapter, one of the best soup I’ve ever tasted. And Kathia had been craved for Egyptian Bread Pudding – Cinnamon and Vanilla Ice Cream with Caramelized Almonds, one of the desserts which was seemed very subtle, yet created a warm feeling.

And we already look forward to quickly enjoy Chapter 3 of the Popup Casual Fine Dining – Hakim Gastrodiology, which they say will be really epic ^ _ ^!

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Thanks to:
Chef Hakim Lukman
– Mr. Reka , Hakim Gastrodiology Team
L’Societe Dine & Bar
Mr. Luthfi Farabi & Friends
Sarasvati Art Magazine
Info Bandung

Review & Photos by Putra Agung
Edit by Kathia Arhwinda


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