Capsule Hotel Old Batavia – Jakarta (Indonesia)

If you are looking for a budget hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia, with low prices, comfortable rooms, complete facilities, strong wifi and breakfast included for free 😀 Capsule Hotel Old Batavia which is located in Cikini, Menteng Central Jakarta is one of those budget hotels I would mostly recommend. Located at the center of the town, only about 2,5km from the National Monument (Monas), this hotel is the number one in Bed & Breakfast or small inn categories, based on the reviews on Tripadvisor.


Yay, we’re here!

This Capsule Hotel Old Batavia is not directly located alongside a major road, but to find it is not as hard as I imagined. From the monument or Gambir Station, it takes only about 10-15 minutes to get here. You just have to go to Cikini Raya street, then walk pass Taman Ismail Marzuki (on the left side of the road), then go straight until you find 7eleven and Bank Mandiri at the right side of the road. Not far from there, you will find a lot of shop-houses with signposts all over. Go straight until you find Texas Chicken, it means you’re almost there. After Texas Chicken, there are rows of old shop-houses, just go pass them. You will find the hotel is at the left side, located almost at the threshold of the road. If this is your first time walking in this area, don’t worry it’s safe 🙂 hehe.

Hotel-for-Budget-TravellerCapsule Hotel?

I found this hotel while I was looking for an affordable lodging, that is secure but comfortable enough to sleep, and also offers a new experience besides my previous lodging. As I said before, Capsule Hotel Old Batavia has a quite high rating on hotel booking sites and gets excellent reviews. They have no website yet but you can find them on Facebook.

 Hotel-murah-di-JakartaLobby 🙂

Capsule-Hote-Old-BataviaLobby-Cafe-Media Center

As you enter the hotel, you can find the receptionist the lobby. The lobby itself is also a cafe and there are 2 computers that can be used to surf the net, and the wifi here is pretty fast 😀 The wifi in the bedroom, dining room and toilet are fast as well, hehe.

Rate start from around $ 10- $ 20 (IDR 130k-180k) per night, depends on where you have your booking and also your choice of rooms. There are several types of rooms, the cheapest one is the mixed dormitories, contains of 4-10 capsules per room. There are also female dormitories at a price slightly above, and there are private rooms with a bathroom inside. Because I wanted to enjoy the experience of capsule hotel, of course I choose the mixed dormitory. In I got a price of around IDR 180k, but when it was the time to settle the bill, I tried tp check, and finally I got the price of IDR 125k / night.

Kamar-Budget-HotelSneak peek  😉

One thing you should know, there is no elevator here 🙂 And if you choose the mixed dormitory, it is located on the 4th floor, so we had to climb the stairs, and if you bring lots of stuffs just like me, you might wanna calm your panting breath and trembling legs down on the 3rd floor, haha. Oh by the way, the dorms don’t have bathrooms inside, so the guests of these dorms have to go to the shared bathrooms outside the dorms. But don’t worry, the bathrooms are nice, clean and have complete amenities.

Old-Capsule-Batavia-HotelThe capsules are just so cute 🙂

The unique thing is each dorm and rooms at Capsule Hotel Old Batavia Jakarta are named by Jakarta typical naming, such as Antjol, Tjikini, Sunda Kelapa, Fatahillah, and others. Oh and footwear must be removed and placed on the shelf that has been provided under the stairs and outside the room. Once I’ve entered the room, I could feel the calming breeze from the AC; it felt cozy. There were some tourists who were sleeping soundly, while others were opening their laptop or cell phone.

Best-Capsule-HotelThe top or bottom?

When I first saw the pictures of this capsule hotel, I thought the capsules are narrow. But it turned out really different from what I imagined. The capsule itself is quite spacious and the height was sufficient, the mattress is soft and I got two pillows. There are also lockers with electronic keypad. And don’t worry, there are many plugs to charge here.

Now, are you curious about the box on the wall? Hehe, it can be opened and tadaaa…it becomes a work desk. One thing is it’s not allowed to eat in the room 🙂


Actually, there are four levels of capsule here. First level is the capsule which is very close to the floor, second level is the one with a locker underneath, third level is the one above the first level, fourth level is the ones above the second level. (Can you get a hang of it? :D) The above photo shows a capsule that has a locker underneath. You can get the picture of the first and third level on my last photo below. You have to climb quite high if you want to sleep in the capsule on fourth level, hehe. The lockers for the first and third level are located at the far end corner of the room. When the hotel was not too crowded, we can choose the capsule by request. Oh one useful tips for us travelers, even though it appears safe, and we will often see travelers spread their stuff freely on bed, it’d be better for us to keep our valuables inside the locker, even though we only stayed for a while 🙂

The shared bathrooms are also quite large, there is a large mirror, three sinks, urinals, 3 shower rooms, and 2 seated toilet. Because it is a shared bathroom, do not let your towel mixed up, hehe. And there is a deposit of IDR 150k for the towel, and don’t forget to take it down when you checkout. Unfortunately, the flow of the hot water is not too heavy, hehe .

Capsule-Hotel-in-AsiaLounge & Dining Room 😀

On the 5th floor there is an entertainment room which is also a dining room, you are free to take tea and coffee as you want, as long as not forgetting to clean and wash them up. In this room we can play darts, chess, cards, watch TV, read, relax, or just have a chat with travelers from all over the world. One of the travelers I met is someone from Netherlands who had already been traveling for 5 years around the world. Other travelers are from Germany, Australia, Japan, China, India, and Indonesia like me, too hehe .

Hotel-untuk-TravellerCozy isn’t it?


Best-Budget-Hotel-in-JakartaCan’t decide what time to chill is better: in the morning or at night 🙂

If you want to chill and relax, you can go to the rooftop. There is even a jacuzzi! I really wanted to try it, haha, but unfortunately I didn’t get the chance, because my schedules were so tight. Every time I stayed here, I had always have to go early in the morning, and just got back here late at night. I was already so tired that I just went straight to bed. Almost no time to chill and try the games. Maybe someday if my schedule is not this tight I will try the jacuzzi.

Hotel-Breakfast-JakartaBreakie Time!


Breakfast-in-HostelTotally delicious Hot Chocolate from Coffee Gram!

Every morning they always provides us with breakfast started at 7am until 10am. The menus presented are enough to fill the stomach before exploring the city. They provided 3 toasters along with loaves of bread with various jams (peanut, strawberry, blueberry, butter, and chocolate ), Coco Crunch cereal with fresh milk, and also my favorite sweet and fresh melon and watermelon slices.

Hostel-in-JakartaRemember this!:)

Well this is why the price of Capsule Hotel Old Batavia is reasonable yet the service is okay… yes, we are required to wash and clean the dishes by ourselves after we finished, so it is no need to add more employees right.

Hostel-di-JakartaSudden night hunger attacks? Don’t worry! 🙂

Sometimes when I entered the hotel, I suddenly felt hungry and it felt really lazy to go out looking for a meal. Don’t worry as long as it is under 12pm, we can order variety of menus in Old Batavia Cafe, ranging from fried rice, fried noodles, and so on.

Pancake---Old-Batavia-Capsule-Hotel---IndonesiaSpecial Pancake!

Even if you want to look for food outside, no problem, because in the Cikini area there are many diverse street food and restaurants. Especially in the morning you can explore the legendary Jakarta culinary in this area, ranging from the hodgepodge Bonbin, Chicken Noodle Bonbin, Godangdia noodle, Chicken Noodle Cikini, Texas Chicken, Soto H.Maruf, Cikini Chicken Porridge, Rice Uduk Godangdia, and many others. To go to the shopping centers such as Plaza Indonesia and Grand Indonesia is only about 2km .


Currently Capsule Hotel Old Batavia is my ultimate choice to stay in Central Jakarta area; the service was friendly enough, the check -in process is fast, and all the things I need to rest properly is accommodated here. Wifi is strong enough to upload pictures on the blog and watch Youtube without buffering. Travelers who are staying here are mostly backpackers, either group or solo. There are also couple travelers, and also business travelers, and there are also people who are just looking for a place to spend the night in Jakarta for an event, such as the Java Jazz event the other day, where a lot of people that comes from Singapore, Malaysia or any other city in Indonesia. 🙂


Location: 8/10
Service: 7/10
Sleep Quality: 9/10
Ambiance: 8/10
Value for money: 10/10

Capsule Hotel Old Batavia
Address: Jl. Cikini Raya No.60Z, RT.14/RW.5,
Cikini, Menteng, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone:+62 21 3905123

Rate from: $8 (IDR 130k)
Check-In From: 02:00 PM
Check-Out Until: 11:00 AM

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